Torque Converter Components

Torque Converter Components

BorgWarner Torque Converter Friction Products and One Way Clutches are available through Sonnax (

  • Friction Facings
  • Friction Plates
  • One Way Clutches

Torque Converter Friction Facings:

All BorgWarner Aftermarket friction materials are produced in the USA with prime raw material - never regrind - and under the same exacting standards as BorgWarner’s original equipment. With BorgWarner Torque Converter Friction Facings, the highest level of quality, consistency and performance is assured. Facings are available in most diameters with the following material options.

BorgWarner HTE™

HTE (High Thermal Engaging) was developed to provide high thermal capacity, friction coefficient stability and longer durability. HTE is available in 1.1mm (0.045”) and 1.7mm (0.066”) thicknesses and is grey - black in color.

BorgWarner HTS™

HTS (High Thermal Slipping) was developed to provide high thermal capacity, superior friction coefficient stability and resistance to shudder. HTS is available in 1.1mm (0.045”) and 1.7mm (0.066”) thicknesses and is grey - green in color.

BorgWarner HTL™

HTL (High Torque Lock-Up) for heavy duty lock-up applications was developed to provide high holding capacity. HTL is available in 1.7mm (0.066”) thickness and is light brown in color.

BorgWarner XTL™

XTL (Extreme Torque Lock-Up) for extreme duty lock-up applications that require extreme holding capacity was developed for industrial power take off applications, it offers 30%+ more torque holding capacity than HTL. XTL is available in 1.3mm (0.050”) thickness and is dark grey - black in color.

Torque Converter Friction Plates:

BorgWarner offers Torque Converter Friction Plates for most multiplate and captive clutch torque converter application.

Torque Converter Sprag Clutches:

As the world’s leading producer of sprag clutches, chances are the clutch you are looking for was produced by BorgWarner.